I heard you the first time.

My dad has been taking care of me for the past month.

My car was stolen. It's no longer where I parked it.

The coffee has got to be as hot as a girl's kiss on the first date, as sweet as those nights in her arms, and as dark as the curse of her mother when she finds out.

Duane tried to cut the delicious-looking meat with a dull knife.

It's been a long time.

It is very cold today.

She will fix it.


The typhoon gathered strength.

I'll make an effort to get up early every morning.

I appreciate the compliment.


The police are certain to get him in the end wherever he may go.

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Frederic laughed so much tears ran down his cheeks.


I remember one poem in particular.

Listen and choose the best answer.

The princess is waiting.

Nothing has gone right all day.

The kitten rolled the yarn across the floor.

He is walking.

Talk to him again.

Paris fell in 1940.

You're being unreasonable.

The teacher exhorted his pupils to do well.

He has never tasted alcohol.


You will play into their hands.

That sounds strange.

She showed no interest in the photos.

Sandip has an imaginary friend.

Did you recognize them?

I want to buy a dozen of those bananas.

They all knew her.


I'm sorry, I don't speak Portuguese.

I drank two cups of coffee.

Wake me up when we get to Angela's.

Her behavior will become more aggressive.

I hung around for one hour.

I would like to see that.

An izakaya is a Japanese style pub.

Jakob couldn't remember exactly what Owen had said.

I have a lot of homework.

Does your brother know how to drive?

Grow up, Albert.

He bought a new car, but we didn't know anything about that.

I wish them the best of luck in dealing with the problem.

The use of "oh" in English is quite complex.

Don't you think that's a little shallow?

"An unfinished sentence" is a sentence unfinished.

She pulled my shirt.

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Hume, we've been through this before.

This means that if you try to protect yourself too much, you will only make bigger mistakes.

They didn't say a word.


Trent watched the meteor shower.

I gave my father a silk tie.

This hay fever medicine works pretty well for me.


Everybody hates Doug.

The doctors want to intensify the treatments.

These rockets are designed for reuse.

Bush studied the problem.

We're relaxed.


He acted as my guide.

The fishermen think it isn't boring to jog.

The lamp on the desk had an out of kilter lampshade.

I've been engaged twice.

We shall leave tomorrow morning, weather permitting.


He departed in spite of the storm.

I'll see her in the morning.

Hold your ground.

Phiroze's house was struck by lightning.

Kari handed Keith a list of questions.

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How can you have a laptop and not a cell phone?

Frederic doesn't intend to go by himself.

Let's go to a Japanese restaurant.

I have no complaints.

I think she's an honest woman.

I couldn't believe he told me 'I love you'.

What's Marie reading?

We tried to cheer her up.

There are various kinds of coffee.


I promise I'll follow you on Instagram.

I don't think Beth ever talked to Turkeer.

Joshua is passive-aggressive.


I only hear you complain! Perhaps you can't do anything else?

I am a nobody.

There lived once a great queen, in whose garden were found at all seasons the most splendid flowers, and from every land in the world.

Liyuan will take care of the children.

She is jealous.


She answered all the questions with assurance.

I'm still the same person I was before.

Grishkin is nice: her russian eye is underlined for emphasis; uncorseted, her friendly bust gives promise of pneumatic bliss.


We had no choice but to go there.

Dan and Linda were high school sweethearts.

No one has an explanation.


Please come to my house in the afternoon.

You always do whatever you feel like doing.

There turned out to be sooooo many people at the office!


He is being very careful.


Giovanni told me I didn't look good in blue.


When I got up, the sun was already high in the sky.


I came with him.

Let's send Rolf a Christmas card this year.

I need to do some research.

Jeff didn't know who Patrick's parents were.

Murder is a wicked crime.


They're almost three times as big as we are.

She started laughing hysterically.

Ellen told Indra to stay at home.

Why was I writing that letter?

I'm going to be over here.


When will you move to Germany?


I understand it all now.


I guess that doesn't make sense.

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Call now! We go where you go.

We close at 7 p.m.

My Grandmother has a weak heart.


I didn't say Darin was involved.


Her talent is amazing.


Don't talk about people behind their backs.

Can you make it stop?

That's tough to do.

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"Please," says the crew member.

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Luke's hair is still damp.


You would've liked me.


The wave knocked me off my feet.

You and I must give him our present.

It is not always easy to read between the lines.

I'm very fond of olives.

He is good at gymnastics.


It seems to be serious.

I'm helping him out.

Impossible things happen that we can't understand. They're completely unimaginable.

Siegurd found out his dad wasn't his real dad.

There seemed to be no answer to the problem.

I suggest that you start a behavioral therapy in order to cure yourself of your obsession with comas.

Prices keep going up.

"Get it through your thick skull. You are not one of us, and you will never be one of us. Is that clear?" "Crystal clear." "Good. Now scram. I don't want to see your ugly mug around here again."

Your theory is crazy, but it's not crazy enough to be true.

I ended up telling Jayesh what you told me not to tell him.

The nation mourned the death of the king.

I'd like some powidlo.

Yesterday I went to the Goethe-Institut in Bologna with my mother to ask for information about their German courses.

You haven't eaten, have you?

She saw red at that moment.

I've tried everything I know.

That's the difference.

It is a multi-stage process.

This is very surprising.

As compared with the English, we are too near-sighted.

What the fuck are you doing?

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Olof no longer trusts anyone.


Why don't you work?

Moe is a member of the First Nations.

I want you to stop preying on people's weaknesses.

I don't understand people who eat breakfast for dinner.

She likes to attract attention.

May I see your driver's license?

Soohong loves reading.

I think you should drink some coffee.

He is a poet or something.


Why are you taking so long?

A flu shot contains antibodies that fight the H1N1 virus.

Let's pretend to be a couple.

There is no new sun.

The trial lasted for ten consecutive days.